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Art Degree: Grad Pics for Ari

Before my friend Ari reached out for me to take her graduation announcement photos, I was worried my photo taking opportunities were drying up. I felt like I was out of practice, and that I financially messed up by buying this camera at Unclaimed Baggage with my tax refund.  Continue reading “Art Degree: Grad Pics for Ari”

Tennis Court Blues: Photoshoot Fun


When it comes to writing, you aren’t supposed to find your style immediately–at least to Strunk and White (more on Elements of Style to come). Practicing correct form and interpreting other’s styles is key to creating your own personal style. This tennis court flower shoot was one of my first photo sessions with my DSLR, and while it may not be completely original, I was proud of how it turned out. Continue reading “Tennis Court Blues: Photoshoot Fun”

Forget Me Not: A Styled Couple’s Shoot

This was my second styled shoot of this year, allowing me to test out my new (at least it was new to me then) 50mm Canon f/1.4 lens. My model-friend, Dakota brought along a male model to the Tennessee River for this Lana Del Rey, sad-girl inspired shoot. Continue reading “Forget Me Not: A Styled Couple’s Shoot”

On Writing and Weddings

Sometimes a person needs a dramatic occasion to shake them from their daily routine.

My daily routine no longer listed writing.

Writing, I thought, was in the past. And not necessarily by choice, but like any “hobby” or non-work job, my writing practice began fading away when faced with long drives home in traffic and working in other fields.

I needed a change.

I got one.

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The Florida Project: Movie Review

Photo from Variety.

I am never disappointed in the quality of films that A24 produces.

In the few A24 films I’ve seen in the past year, I have not been disappointed. Lady Bird evoked nostalgia and teenage boredom and angst (better than the film adaptation of Perks of Being a Wallflower, honestly). A Ghost Story took a more universal approach, making the viewer consider their place in time, and the desperation that follows you throughout your own.

The Florida Project, a member of the A24 film canon, conjured a totally different set of feelings.

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Mama Love: Photos for Family

When my sister asked me for a 70’s inspired Mama/Daughter photoshoot, I jumped on the idea…

caitievintagemama (5 of 51)

When my sister asked me for a 70’s inspired Mama/Daughter photoshoot, I jumped on the idea.
caitievintagemama (39 of 51)
We’ve loved playing dress up since we were little girls, and now that she has a little girl of her own, I guess we’re passing that tradition on to the next generation.

caitievintagemama (7 of 51).jpg
My sister wore some of my high waisted flares, my striped mustard navy crop, and my thrifted belt for her 70’s Mama look. (Swapping instead of shopping–hey hey.)
caitievintagemama (17 of 51)caitievintagemama (19 of 51)
Rose Baby Boutique provided my niece’s boho outfit. Rose Baby is a family owned business that operates through Facebook, giving their customers outfit updates in their newsfeeds if they’re a member of the group. I’m a huge fan of the owners and the cute boho baby looks the small shop offers. If you want to check them out, visit (Also, my niece wore Style #sku7 and Style #sku5.) 

campbell fam (3 of 39)
caitievintagemama (50 of 51)

If any other mamas or families want a vintage inspired shoot, let me know! I’d love to provide some fun photo memories for you ❤️

How to Host Your Own Clothing Swap

For those of you wondering, a clothing swap is when you get a group of friends with similar, yet tastefully different styles together to trade out clothes they no longer want.

I am not a party thrower. Growing up, I hated parties, I hated having big birthdays, and I definitely got stressed out over the thought of people coming over to my home.

Even though I’m still that way, somewhat, I have come to realize that in order to build a community and do things I love, I’m going to have to suck it up and throw an event from time to time.swap party flyer final

So, to celebrate my love of hand me downs and shopping, I decided to host a clothing swap.

For those of you wondering, a clothing swap is when you get a group of friends with similar, yet tastefully different, styles together to trade out clothes they no longer want. Essentially, you make a pop-up, currency-free Plato’s Closet (but without the disappointing clothing rejection).

Sound like fun? Well if you love clothes like me, here’s how you make it happen.

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Sans make-up: Bare-faced and beautiful

As a southern girl, going out “without your face on” is often deemed heresy. “You never know who you’ll see when you’re out and about, so always be ready!” was a common line I remember, and while I personally love makeup, brushing on big eyebrows, and winging my eyeliner, I now know that those products are not my face, my face is my face.

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