Tennis Court Blues: Photoshoot Fun


When it comes to writing, you aren’t supposed to find your style immediately–at least to Strunk and White (more on Elements of Style to come). Practicing correct form and interpreting other’s styles is key to creating your own personal style. This tennis court flower shoot was one of my first photo sessions with my DSLR, and while it may not be completely original, I was proud of how it turned out.


This shoot mainly focused on experimenting with shadows and leading lines. At this point, I only had my kit lens to work with, so most of the images were captured at a f/3.5 aperture: low, but not as low as I prefer now.


While out of focus shots can be appealing, especially in during golden hour, I desperately need to learn how to better focus my lens, especially on manual mode. If anyone out there has any tips about using the sensors in my camera or how to always keep my subject in focus, please let me know. I’m all ears.

For now, I plan on making a brief post about all the recent shoots I’ve done, and I hope to help out anyone who is interested in photography by learning with me. Let me know your thoughts, and if you are gracious enough to follow this blog, be prepared for a buzz of notifications as I churn these out before I start graduate school in a week.



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