Art Degree: Grad Pics for Ari

Before my friend Ari reached out for me to take her graduation announcement photos, I was worried my photo taking opportunities were drying up. I felt like I was out of practice, and that I financially messed up by buying this camera at Unclaimed Baggage with my tax refund. 

When she asked, I knew this was an opportunity I had to take: graduation photos that could be artistic, dreamy, and nature-oriented. Ari is all those things, and I’m beyond thankful she let me take these photos for her.

Ari Grad (18 of 54).jpgAri Grad (10 of 54).jpg

While I know I should challenge myself with taking photos at a higher aperture and using an ND filter for shooting at different times of day, right now, that isn’t me.

I love golden hour, (also called magic hour, it’s the hour before sunset, where the sun’s light is naturally diffused and casts a golden tint on everything outside), and as I develop my own photography style, I love anything that looks warm, retro, and hazy, so shooting at this time of day won’t change any time soon.

Ari Grad (38 of 54).jpg

And while I did not shoot at an f/8.0 aperture, I did expand my horizons beyond f/1.4 this shoot, with the photo above at about f/4.0. (I’m getting out of my comfort zone, Instagram photography experts!)

Ari Grad (1 of 2)Ari Grad (23 of 54)Ari Grad (47 of 54)

I would love to capture my posed photos for my friends (or anyone that will have me) in my burgeoning style. And I really want to offer something sunny, and unique to the Huntsville area photography scene. Thanks Ari for letting me practice and take part in that. 🙂

Check out Ari’s art on her Instagram, go buy something from her!

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