In my Room: Hazy, Pink and Low Aperture Photography


My favorite shoot to date.

Dakota is a model and hair stylist based out of Huntsville, Alabama and has been the biggest help in my photography practice: she’s always down for photoshoots. I love that.

For this shoot, we hung up a pink sheet on her walls, and I sorted through her thrifted vintage collection to find the perfect 90’s teen outfit.

Girl Room (38 of 50)

I wanted to capture nostalgia for after-school. And if anyone was like me, I spent my after-school time in my bedroom, usually listening to music. (If anyone tells you high school is the best time of your life, please run away from them screaming). I was bored, and I wanted to convey that sense of boredom in these images.

Girl Room (9 of 50).jpg

For the hazy effect, I pulled a trick out of Petra Collin’s handbook and cut a hole in flesh-toned pantyhose to partially cover my lens. That’s why the edges look softer than normal.

Girl Room (18 of 50).jpg

I have a deep love for the f/1.4 aperture, and I used that focal length for this whole shoot. I am addicted to it, but hey, I’m new at photography, and seeing my shots look crisp with bokeh backgrounds makes me giddy.

Girl Room (47 of 50).jpgLet me know what you think of these shots. Did you like the styling, or not? What did they make you think of?

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