On Writing and Weddings

Sometimes a person needs a dramatic occasion to shake them from their daily routine.

My daily routine no longer listed writing.

Writing, I thought, was in the past. And not necessarily by choice, but like any “hobby” or non-work job, my writing practice began fading away when faced with long drives home in traffic and working in other fields.

I needed a change.

I got one.

On June 17, 2018, the love of my life kneeled on one knee and asked me to be by his side forever. I knew in my heart that this day was coming, but when he asked, I couldn’t stop crying my sensitive-person, happy tears.

Now with a month gap between the proposal and starting graduate school, I am determined to plan our wedding in four weeks. With that comes writing, and good thing I have a degree in professional writing.

Along with using my job skills in project management, e-mail writing, and social media management, I finally have the opportunity to create content from scratch again. Which, if you notice my ever changing blog titles, is a passion of mine.

While Squarespace or even purchasing a domain name is not in my budget, having the opportunity to write, lightly code my wedding blog, and edit the information I need to tell my guests on a simple Blogger site has made me so happy. 

So happy, that I am finally feeling the need to share a story about my experience as a writer again.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t regret giving up content creation as my career path, but that doesn’t mean I’ll never stop enjoying it. And now, I can pursue creativity for the joy of it, and use my career to inspire creativity in others as a teacher.

Joy and passion ebbs and flows, and currently, I have both flowing out from my heart. Let’s see if this site will continue to have life in this season, and I hope that my words will have some impact on you, my reader.

With much love,

Casey AM

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